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Jeramy Dodds

MOORHEN The tubas are full of fog and fallen thoroughbreds. There are no dogs near the dentist’s office due to the pitch of the drills. A poem is meant to replace what the olfactory erased. But it always comes out like a Gilbert-without- Sullivan song. In the birdbath my reflection

Don McKay

Hear McKay win from his Griffin Prize winning collection Strike Slip.  


Lunch with Jane Munro & Surprise Guest

Jane Munro, Sept. 23 NOON in LB649 Concordia University, English Department, A reading from Jane Munro’s award winning book Blue Sonoma From Judges’ Citation: Somewhere between the directness and clarity of haiku and Yeats’s ‘An aged man is but a paltry thing’ moves Jane Munro’s hauntingly candid explorations of the hard

Save The Date

The Writers Read 2016-17 season is almost underway and we’re hosting a series of exciting double-headers starting with Don McKay and Jeramy Dodds followed by Lisa Robertson and Concordia alumni Laura Broadbent.  Our literary festival moves from spring to a fall date this year. November 3-6  panels and readings will

Autumn 2016: Don Mckay & Jeramy Dodds

Don McKay & Jeramy Dodds, Friday October 7, 2pm, MB 2.130, 1450 Rue Guy. McKay’s collected poems, Angular Unconformity was published in 2014 and he has won the Governor General’s Literary Award for poetry twice, for Night Field (1991) and Another Gravity (2000). Dodds’ most recent publication is a translation


Curating & Archiving the Literary Event

L-R: Casey Plett, Sadie Laett-Babcock, Tanis Franco, Zoe Whittal, Kai Cheng Thom. A Queer is a Queer is a Queer: Breaking Standard Narratives in Queer Poetics and Prose, a panel moderated by Eli Lynch on March 19, 2016. (Photo: Surah Field-Green) In March 2016, students at Concordia with Writers Read put


Photo Archive In Progress

March 19th, 2016 /// OFF THE PAGE Day 2     Photo Credit: Surah Field-Green


Kailey Havelock in Conversation with Editors Talking Editing

In anticipation of the Off the Page literary festival, SA Editor-in-Chief Kailey Havelock discusses the future of publishing and editing in an increasingly digital world with discussion panelists from the upcoming Editors Talking Editing event.

Line up for this Line-up: Off The Page Full Schedule



Dionne Brand / Friday / 7pm

On Friday March 4th, Writers Read is pleased to host an evening with the renowned poet, novelist, and essayist, Dionne Brand. For Montreal, this is a once in a decade or perhaps even a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the room with Brand, listening to her read

Off The Page 2016 Update Reminder

OFF THE PAGE March 17-20, 2016 Confirmed Readers & Call for Participants In March 2016, Writers Read & Concordia University are hosting the Off The Page literary festival. In cooperation with the Université de Montreal and Librarie Drawn & Quarterly, we are hosting Ben Lerner, Anne Boyer, Jordan Abel, Sonnet


And a Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day To Us All! (Sound Archive)

In early October 2015, Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli joined Writers Read to share their new work Rom Com out from Talon Books now. Here are a couple of excerpts to keep you warm on this cold❀ day. Daneil Zomparelli reading “I am So Lonely, Iam So Fucking Lonely, lol, SEND,


Event Roundup: March

Dionne Brand /// March 4, 2016. 7pm, York Amphitheatre, EV 1.605, 1515 St Catherine W. Jordan Abel, Anne Boyer, Sonnet L’AbbĂ© /// Thursday March 17, 2016. 8pm, Drawn & Quarterly (211, Bernard Ouest). Ben Lerner /// Friday March 18, 2016. York Amphitheatre, EV Building, 1.605, 1515 Rue St. Catherine.

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Dionne Brand in Montreal

It’s true. We have been waiting years, maybe a decade, maybe a lifetime, and the date has finally be confirmed. Dionne Brand will join us for a reading and discussion in Montreal at Concordia University. Dionne Brand is a renowned poet, novelist, and essayist. Her writing is notable for the


Lisa Robertson on Dionne Brand (2001/2013/2016)

In another place, not here, a woman might touch something between beauty and nowhere, back there and here, might pass hand over hand her own trembling life, but I have tried to imagine a sea not bleeding, a girl’s glance full as a verse, a woman growing old and never

The Body Always Gives a Shit & Other Distractions

Sonnet L’AbbĂ© reads The Body Always Gives a Shit, a poem in three parts. She will be joining Writers Read in March 2016. Some data points on the staff make-up of arts organizations in New York City. Quill & Quire talks to Pedlar Press founder, Beth Follett. And a song because why


Audio Archive: Roxane Gay & Rachel Zellers

Writing these essays was of acknowledging my existence that you just don’t see written about all too often. The black experience is often times limited to a one very specific type of story and I think that we have to broaden our cultural understanding of what it means to be


Off The Page – Call for Proposals

In March 2016, Writers Read, Off The Page in cooperation with the University of Montreal and Concordia’s Centre for Expanded Poetics are hosting: Dionne Brand, Ben Lerner, Jordan Abel, Sonnet L’AbbĂ©, Fred Moten and more. More information will be posted here & here. Call for Proposals For decades the Creative


Photo Archive: AndrĂ© Alexis

On January 14, 2016, Giller Prize winner, André Alexis joined the students at Concordia for a discussion about his novel Fifteen Dogs, confidence, and  howling.


AndrĂ© Alexis Masterclass & Reading

Creative Writing students can sign up on Sina Queyras’ door LB 674.2 or email Space is limited. *** Alexis will also be giving a reading at Librarie Drawn and Quarterly (211 Rue Beranrd Ouest) on Friday January 15th at 7pm. *** Alexis’ debut novel, Childhood (1997), won the Books in Canada First Novel Award,


Sound Archive: Jordan Tannahill on Mental Real Estate

Jordan Tannahill joined us on 25 September 2015 at the VAV Gallery to read and discuss his book, Theatre of the Unimpressed. In this clip he discusses mental real estate, the value of impermanence, and Videofag. Shout out to Jacob Wren. Complete sound archives will be updated soon. In the mean


Archive Sound: Mary Ruefle

Mary Ruefle covered W.S. Graham’s The Secret Name for us on September 25, 2015. More sound archive updates to come. Follow us on Soundcloud.   …from secret name to secret name You maybe did not know you had another.

Save the Date

Just a reminder to save the date. Off The Page will be on March 17-20 2016, featuring: Ben Lerner, Dionne Brand, Sonnet L’AbbĂ© and many more.


Standing Room Only

For Elisabeth de Mariaffi reading from her novel, The Devil You Know. & George Murray reading from his new book of Poetry, Diversion. Stay tuned for more sights and sounds from this exciting fall line-up. (Photo credit: Liam Lachance. Thanks, Liam!)

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Event Details: JMSB @ Concordia, Corner of Guy & de Maisonneuve, 7pm room 2.130 aka The Floating Box Room.


#InConversation #GeorgeMurray #Diversion #Poetry

Next week, Writers Read and and the Concordia Research Chair in Media and Literature George Murray and Elisabeth de Mariaffi to Concordia for a reading and discussion IRL but we’ve started the conversation here. Join us on November 17th 7pm in the John Molson Building’s Floating Box, room 2.130 (1450 Rue

elisabeth de mariaffi

The Devil You Know: Writers Read in Conversation with Elisabeth de Mariaffi

Writers Read: Elisabeth, The Devil You Know introduces us to a character that I can imagine reoccurring in other narratives. Are you tempted to write a series of literary thrillers? Elisabeth de Mariaffi: I certainly didn’t set out to start a series with The Devil You Know. To be honest, I


#BearingWitless from Diversion by George Murray

#BearingWitless The children did not return before dark. You may have to settle for a Sylvia Plath photo if no Sylvia moment comes. It’s harvest time at the server farms. Twelve plus one is an anagram for eleven plus two. Wineglass stems and bases look like spilling water and pools.


George Murray: from Diversion

#ClockworkOrRage Come all you haters and see what I have wrought. Our primary role as teachers is to demonstrate how to best waste time. I survived Seamus Heaney and all I got was this lousy career. Monuments are built daily to distraction. The terms rescuers and salvagers are mostly interchangeable.


Elisabeth de Mariaffi introduces ‘The Devil You Know’ (video)

Come see Elisabeth De Mariaffi & George Murray read at Concordia on November 17th, 7pm, John Molson Building, The Floating Box, room 2.130 (1450 Rue Guy).

George Murray’s Diversion In His Own Words

“Diversion is essentially an abstract diary of what it means to be distracted. Because of its focus on declarative statements, it resembles in some ways a book of aphorisms, but perhaps a book of aphorisms in the middle of an acid trip or on a ‘roid-rage bender. It’s an angry and


Full House for Paula Meehan

Irish poet Paula Meehan, York Amphitheatre, October 1st.


Roxane Gay & Rachel Zellars

In a sold out event, co-curated with Montreal’s Librarie Drawn & Quarterly in the Ukrainian Federation Hall on September 22, Roxane Gay and Rachel Zellars had an intimate and informative conversation.


Roxane Gay’s Best Books (from Bustle)

Roxane Gay will be speaking with Rachel Zellers next week on the stage at the Ukrainian Federation Hall on OCtober 22, 2015 at 7pm. Tickets are sold out. To the lucky ones who got them: get excited! For those who missed out, visit us later and we will post some audio


ROM COM: Dina & Daniel, Tomorrow at 2PM

Tomorrow afternoon, Concordia’s Writers Read is thrilled to be hosting the West Coast poetry duo of Dina del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli. They’re stopping by as part of their book tour for Rom Com (Talon Books, 2015), which is an exploration both of the romantic comedy genre itself and so-called real


Paula Meehan Tonight 7pm, Tomorrow 11am

Irish Poet, Paula Meehan Reading & Masterclass October 1st at 7 pm, York Amphitheatre rm 1.605, EV Building, 1515 St. Catherine W.    October 2nd at 11 am – Masterclass Room LB-362, 1455 De Maisonneuve: sign up LB-674.2 In collaboration with Concordia’s department of Canadian Irish Studies.


2015 – 2016 Save the Date

This week’s Trio of Events: Major Jackson, Paula Meehan, Dina del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli

This week is going to be a very busy one for Concordia’s Writers Read. We’re bringing you three events over the span of three days! It’s going to be wonderful and hectic and filled by some of the best poets you can find anywhere. We invite you to join us for


Someone Reading a Book is a Sign of Order in the World – Mary Ruefle

Mary Ruefle is joining us for a masterclass, reading and discussion on Friday. Join us! Key words: writing, erasing, everything. She is the author of the Trances of the Blast (Wave Books, 2013), Madness, Rack, and Honey: Collected Lectures (Wave Books, 2012), a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award


Trailer for Concord Floral (Surburban Beast, Jordan Tannahill)

Writers Read is kicking off the 2015-16 season with the multi-talented Jordan Tannahill. He is a Canadian playwright, filmmaker, and theatre director described by the The Globe and Mail as “the poster child of a new generation of (theatre? film? dance?) artists for whom “interdisciplinary” is not a buzzword, but


The Line Break: An Interview with Mary Ruefle

The 2015-2016 season of Writers Read continues with a Master class and a reading by Mary Ruefle on September 25th, 2015. Join us! An interview, suggestions for writing exercises, and a reading from Mary Ruefle in which she reminds us that “there are people who forget that writing is a joyful activity.” From

A Year of Collaborations: The 2015-2016 Season

This year Writers Read is bigger than ever, with authors from across Canada, Ireland, and the US. So far we have confirmed fifteen authors beginning with Jordan Tannahill (Sept 22nd), Mary Ruefle (Sept 25th) and Major Jackson (Sept 30th).  This year we are in collaboration with the Department of Canadian


Jordan Tannahill: Film, Theatre, Videofag

“Camp is such an interesting space for failure to fall within. Unintentional camp, obviously we can intentionally cultivate camp, but there are so many failures that do veer into that realm. I think queerness has for so long apprehended the jouissance or the necessity of embracing failure, the inability to

Robert Hass and Brenda Hillman: Today at 7pm!

Here’s one final reminder not to miss Robert Hass and Brenda Hillman, tonight at Concordia University in Room EV 1.605 (1515 St Catherine) at 7 pm! See you there!

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat With Brenda Hillman

  Here’s one last preview for tomorrow’s event with Robert Hass and Brenda Hillman. In this interview, where The Rumpus Poetry Book Club talks to Brenda Hillman about her process, her valuable words of wisdom include, “if I get sure of what I’m doing, I know I’m doing something wrong.” If

Robert Hass in conversation with Roland Flint

“When I wrote this first sentence one morning it startled me.” Click here to see Robert Hass in conversation with Roland Flint as the two discuss Hass’ work in poetry and translation, as well as his lifestyle during his time at Poet Laureate for the United States. This 1996 video,

Hillman on Hass

Check out this short essay by Brenda Hillman, where she discusses “A Supple Wreath of Myrtle”, her “favourite poem” by Robert Hass. The poem, which “suggest that the daily and the heroic are always intertwined”, is featured in Hass’ 2006 collection Time and Materials, winner of both the National Book

Writers Read is excited to announce two upcoming master classes to be held at Concordia University. On Friday, March 27, 2015, award winning poets Robert Hass and Brenda Hillman will hold a master class at 11-12 pm in room LB 646. On Tuesday, March 31, 2015, author and broadcaster Jonathan Goldstein

“The Elements Are Mixed in Childhood,” An essay in rhyme by Brenda Hillman

“Our mother was baptized on a kerosene box, our father was baptized in a creek, & we were baptized in a plaster pool while turquoise ripples played around our feet & desert air poofed up to make the long black robe a nylon buffalo. It makes your underpants wet, said

Robert Hass’ Faint Music

Most of you are probably already familiar with our next guest, Robert Hass, who has published nine volumes of poetry, shared the 2008 Pulitzer Prize and served as US poet laureate from 1995-1997. For those of you who aren’t (yet) check out Hass’ poem “Faint Music” for a preview of what to expect

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